Saturday, September 24, 2011

24th SEPT 2011

Hi guys!! here are the price list for the current NEW Models that i have in hand:

1.MG Deathscythe (Dragon Momoko)
RM65 inclusive shipping for Peninsular Malaysia

2.HGUC Sazabi (TTHL/GG Brand)
RM65 Inclusive Shipping for Peninsular Malaysia

3.HGUC Psycho Gundam (TTHL/GG Brand)
RM90 Inclusive shipping for Peninsular Malaysia

4.HGUC Gaplant Hrairoo (TTHL/GG Brand)
RM50 Inclusive shipping for Peninsular Malaysia

5.SD Shinning Gundam
RM10 Each for COD
(Better take this model as an add-on to other gundam purchase so that no
shipping fee will be charged for this SD Gundam)

Will UPLOAD all the pictures after this and guys for all the Gundam above if u 
want to COD with me do PM me or SMS me for the COD Price ya!! (Cheaper)....
Purchase above RM120.00 and u will get the SD Shinning Gundam For FREE!!

Something New that i Bring in and will be Arriving By 27th September 2011